Smart Socks

Lower extremity wounds are painful wounds in the legs and feet that can result from immobility (e.g. secondary to Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury), peripheral vascular disease and/or diabetes. They are painful, slow to heal and cause immense pain and suffering. Many individuals living with diabetes are unable to feel changes in their feet. The ability to detect ongoing unrelieved pressure and changes in skin temperature may alert the individual to a developing wound and may prompt the individual to engage in appropriate preventative strategies. The overall objective of this research project is to develop and test a prototype textile based smart sock that can be worn by the individual at risk of developing lower extremity wounds. These socks will have embedded sensors that will be responsive to changes in pressure and skin temperature and will alert the individual to engage in preventative behavioural strategies. 

Our Team

Alaul Islam

Dr. Hani Naguib, BSc, MEng, PhD, Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineer, University of Toronto, Affiliate Scientist, KITE Research Institute 


Sharon Gabison, BSc, BScPT, MSc, PhD, Hallisey Family Affiliate Scientist in Pressure Injury and Homecare Research, KITE Research Institute

Dr. Alaul Islam, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, KITE Research Institute

Dr. Sophia Li, PhD, Staff Scientist, KITE Research Institute

Cathy Harley, RN, IIWCC, eMBA, BASc, Chief Executive Office, Nurses Specialized in Wound Ostomy and Incontinence Canada

Sadia Khan, BSc, MSc Student, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto